Reviewers feel the heat of Ice Age

Burn’s new album Ice Age has been wowing reviewers around the world. Here are some of the comments that have been published so far.

“Elevates Burn into a different league” 8/10
Dave Ling – Classic Rock

“…masterpiece of an album”
Ant Heeks – Fireworks magazine

“…rather splendid…highly satisfying…another worthy addition to Burn’s burgeoning profile” 8/10
Geoff Wootton – Powerplay Magazine

“…impressive…imperious…in the best shape they’ve ever been” 4/5
Steven Reid – Sea of Tranquility

“…Burn are back with a mighty fine album” 4/5
Juha Harjula –

“…a dynamic and multi-dimensional release you won’t easily tire of”
Dave Cockett – Destiny Records Album of the Month

“A pure belting hard rock master class” 8.5/10
Den Di Gatto – Metal Gods Meltdown

“…it’s excellent..a great album” 37/40
Marcos Garcia – Metal Temple

Burrn Magazine – Japan – 87/100

“Ice age is a triumph…an absolute stonker of a melodic rock album”  RRRRr rating
Alan Holloway –

“…a dynamic, versatile album chock full of memorable melodies and chest swelling anthemic chorus lines… extraordinarily accessible album”
John Tucker Online

Posted: April 9, 2018